When we moved into this house, I already knew that I wanted to start learning about biological agriculture in order to have our own vegetable garden. Growing our food is not only the best ecological action we can do as we consume kilometer zero organic vegetables. For me it’s also a learning process that teaches me about respect, patience, modesty and active meditation.

I didn’t have much experience in gardening before coming to Ericeira. A  few years before, when we lived in Zaragoza, Spain, our house had a piece of land where the owner, an old countryside man with a lot of knowledge, used to have his vegetable garden. Following his enthusiasm, we prepared the land and we planted our first veggies. Even though the result was not the best and the weeds were taller than the vegetables, we harvested a lot tomates, peppers, aubergines, etc. I felt excited with the feeling of eating what I grew and I also started to take the first steps into processing the food, making jams and tomato sauces, following my grandma’s recipes.

When we moved here and I saw that we have 6.000 square meters of land, I actually didn’t know where to start from. Luckily I met Becky and she explained to me about her project called “Green Elbows” (@green.elbows). I didn’t have to worry if I didn’t have a green thumb, because I would always have the chance to have a green elbow! Thanks to this project I started a shared vegetable garden in Santo Isidoro, where I learnt a lot about biological agriculture, how to prepare the soil, how to compost, how to save the seeds for the next year, and so on… It was my gardening initiation and it actually gave me the basis and the personal confidence to start my own garden at home.

From that moment I started to plant a bit more every season and the garden it’s getting bigger and bigger. It’s actually become a very important part of our project´s philosophy, as a practice that leads us to respect, protect and take care of the land where we live. My aim is not only to eat delicious tomatoes, but also to share this passion with other people, offering homemade bio products.

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